New ready-made Ltd. for sale

We offer the lowest prices of newly established ready-made Ltd. on the Czech market. We operate in Prague and in Brno. We are the only one who provide company registered office with all services for final prices from 350 CZK only. Namely without any system of additional charges, which is generally used by other providers of company registered offices. And last but not least: because we are owners ( and not only the tenants ) of our offices, where we offer the services of company registered offices, business addresses and virtual offices, you won't find any additional or activation charges and even any mandatory subscription fee. Simple monthly invoicing, plus bonus in a form of 30 days due date.

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Newly established ready-made Ltd. now for 15.900,- CZK!

The buyer pays this price in case that he doesn´t require any other changes at purchased ready-made company, except the change of the director and the shareholder. More details here.

If the buyer requires any other changes except the change of the director and the shareholder. For example change of the company name, its registered office, registered capital, increase in number of the direcotrs and shareholders etc.). More details here.

Every ready-made company:

  • has 100% paid up the registered capital ( You do not cover the charges of the company with Your asset )
  • is registered at copmanies' register
  • is registered at its revenue authority
  • has established data box according to law
  • has opened an account at The UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.
  • is the most requested way to start Your own business

The client himself handles only the trade certificate at Trades Register in a field where his new Ltd. company shall carry the business. Obvious is to handle clients' trade certificates by his request. Ready-made company is thus the fastest and the most comfortable way to starting Your business.

List of newly established ready-made companies for sale:

NameCompany No.Registered officeDate of incorporationStatus

Do You need more information? Please contact us on our clients' phone lines Prague: 00420 721 145 145, Brno: 00420 602 181 182, or send us Your request via the contact form here.

Reduce charges!

Work at home and have virtual office


Ready made
for action prize
15.900 CZK incl. VAT

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